Blue Cross of Texas vs Blue Cross of Alabama

Blue Cross of Texas can’t be very happy about this nor can their largest Texas client.

In a previous post we described the unfolding battle between the TRS ActiveCare’s +400,000 member monopoly vs commercial health plans competing for Texas school business. One vendor in particular has made significant inroads towards capturing TRS ActiveCare accounts and TRS ActiveCare officials are worried.

What’s interesting, and what the reader may not know, is the TRS ActiveCare program is administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas while their now apparent and major threat these days is Blue Cross of Alabama through their proxy, a wholly owned subsidiary, Caprock Health Plans, dba 90 Degrees Benefit of San Antonio / Lubbock Texas.

This is becoming a dual between two Blue Cross plans. Blue Cross of Texas can’t be very happy about this neither can TRS ActiveCare officials.

Meanwhile numerous non-descript competitors nibble at the edges.