BCBS Hospital Contract

 Molly Mulebriar reports she has obtained a copy of a BCBS hospital contract. She wants $1 million for it, and will accept cash only. She is willing to consider other offers, and suggests that a consortium of interested actuaries pool their resources to make an offer to purchase.

As a sign of good faith, Mulebriar has brokered an agreement with the Pope to act as facilitator of the sales transaction. The BCBS Hospital Contract, herein referred to as The Holy Graile, is under guard at the Vatican. Independent experts have verified authenticity.

In lieu of selling The Holy Graile, Mulebriar has challenged us to publish the document on this blog. However, she insists, to be fair, we publish Aetna, Humana, Texas True Choice,  and HealthSmart PPO contracts as well.

We are meeting with Mulebriar next week in Moose Breath Montana to discuss terms.