Average Reimbursement Rates For Hospitals Exposed

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Average reimbursement rate for large hospitals, by region

Written by Ayla Ellison (Twitter | Google+)  | March 13, 2017

Large hospitals — those with between 250 and 400 beds — in the Midwest have a higher average reimbursement rate than large hospitals in any other U.S. geographic region, according to RelayHealth Financial’s Revenue Cycle Index.

For the index, reimbursement rate is defined as the percent of total charges that can be collected, excluding self-pay patients. The data used for the comparison is based on internal McKesson data.

Here are the average reimbursement rates for large hospitals, organized by geographic region, according to the Revenue Cycle Index.

  • Midwest — 29.88 percent
  • Pacific — 27.51 percent
  • South Central — 27.14 percent
  • Mountain — 25.36 percent
  • Northeast — 25.31 percent
  • Southeast — 24.48 percent
  • Northern Plains — 21.43 percent
  • Southern Plains — 20.97 percent