Attorney General Rules Against the Brownsville Independent School District


Public requests for information surrounding the recent BISD award of a $40 million insurance contract have been met with resistance by the district. They have appealed to the Texas Attorney General to deny release of information.

A recent letter from the Attorney General to the BISD dated December 2, 2009 is encouraging.  The BISD was advised that they must release certain information that has been requested. This is good news for the taxpayers of Brownsville.

It is all about accountability and transparency. The public has a right to know how their taxes are spent. Public officials need to be held accountable. When asked to review the accuracy of a $371,000 apparent descrepancy, one would expect a straight forward and expeditious response. After three months, a cogent response remains elusive.

Editor’s Note: It has been our position that when a third party beneficiary of a contract is not allowed to see that contract, it usually means they are paying more than they should.

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