Attention: Hospitals & Their Attorneys Are Prohibited From Reading This Blog

In deference to one of our three readers, effective immediately we are prohibiting hospital people and their attorneys from reading this blog.

Editor-in-Chief, Molly Mulebriar, explains: “We are taking this action after receiving a complaint from one of our three readers.

The complaint reads:

FROM: (Name Redacted)

RE:  Reference Based BULL-ING………..A Primer For Hospitals

Why in the heck would you put this crap on your blog?  This is precisely the stuff or “roadmap” we as pioneers of RBR plans as consultants we DON’T want hospitals to understand.

This sort of webinar and memo gives hospitals a “roadmap” to counter”punch” what we are trying to achieve here with these RBR approaches.

Just don’t know why you would publish the “enemies” literature to fight what we as employee benefits consultants are trying to do to offer progressive, cutting edge methods in mitigating health care costs both in the short and long-term 

Mulebriar summed up her editorial decision – “Prohibiting hospitals and their attorneys from reading our blog will help Reference Based Pricing proponents operate behind the curtain and under the radar, just as hospitals, PPO’s and other health care intermediaries do.”

If anyone can confirm a hospital person or their attorney has visited this site from this point forward, you may report the infraction on our Tip Line at: