Assent Medical Cost Management Launches MAXpay – A Reference Based Pricing Model


MIAMI, FL–(Marketwired – Mar 12, 2014) – Assent Medical Cost Management (Assent) announced the launch of MAXpay, a fixed dollar reference based pricing program. Targeting Self Insured Plans, MAXpay increases control over healthcare expenses by setting reasonable and fair benefit limits. To determine reimbursements, MAXpay utilizes cost data, multiples of Medicare reimbursement and Medicare-like methodologies, all of which are fully defensible.

Editor’s Note: Cost Plus Insurance /  Reference Based Pricing is a growing market phenomenon – Xerox, Eastman Kodak And Cost Plus Insurance

“Today’s marketplace is desperate for viable and secure alternatives to the archaic PPO model, offering flexibility, transparency and open access to healthcare,” stated David Lubowitz, JD, MBA, Managing Director of Assent. ”We have responded to this market demand with a product backed by Assent’s industry-leading legal, medical and technological expertise. Our customizable price-setting solutions result in true and reasonable maximum reimbursements based upon the specific goals of the plan.”

MAXpay offers clients all-encompassing support, including plan document revision, world-class customer service and educational materials for payors and employer groups. MAXpay also offers ongoing patient advocacy and continued education, a toll free 24/7 call center, and hands-free balance billing support to plan members.

Employing MAXpay’s extensive data, enterprise-class technology and claims editing and scrubbing, savings are proven to be deeper than those available through PPOs. ”MAXpay works because it aligns the interests of providers, insurers and plan members,” stated Sandy Hamilton, MSW, Assent’s Senior Business Development Executive. ”Through transparency and communication, we are able to satisfy all stakeholders with an equitable and sustainable strategy.”

About Assent Medical Cost Management
Assent is a leading cost containment company with experienced solutions for savings that are transparent and provide payers and consumers with assurance that their medical costs are true, accurate, and reasonable. Assent Medical Cost Management was established by legal and health care professionals to maximize healthcare dollars by ensuring consumers of health care services can access quality care at reasonable and correct prices. For more information on Assent, contact Sandy Hamilton, MSW, 877 882-8289, ext. 572 or visit

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