Another Great Butler Analogy

Josh Butler – President, Butler Benefits

What if your employer were responsible for withholding money from your paycheck every pay period and tasked with buying your groceries each week?

First off, that would be strange….but just follow me here….

So, each pay period, they withhold a sizeable amount of $$ from your check, and then you discover that they are paying $30 for a gallon of milk, $59 for a dozen eggs, $112 for a case of bottled water, $99 per pound for hamburger meat….etc….and you see this overspending occurring every pay period.

And each year your employer comes to you and says, “Well, we need to take more money out of your check this year….because groceries are just really expensive.”

At what point do you bring it to your employer’s attention that milk can be bought for $3 per gallon, eggs for $6 a dozen, water for $7 a case, and hamburger meat for $5.25 a pound?

Would you continue to allow your employer to take your money from your check to go pay such outrageous prices for groceries? I doubt it….

Now apply this analogy to healthcare, because it’s precisely what’s happening to the American working class.