An In-Depth Analysis Reveals the Most Aggressive Cost-Control Strategy for ACA Compliance


The cost of ACA compliance can be significant and it may be unmanageable for large employers who employ many lower-wage workers. That’s because these employers must offer the same ACA-compliant plans to all classes of eligible employees—from hourly workers to the CEO. However, there is a benefit strategy that can minimize this financial impact while meeting the needs of an entire workforce. It includes:

• An affordable Bronze ACA-compliant plan that still meets the “safe harbor” requirements   for all eligible employees
• A Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plan bundled with a limited-benefit plan offered to low-wage employees (including eligibles)
• Two levels of additional (ACA-exempt) benefits offered on a non-coordinated basis for middle managers and executives

To learn more about this aggressive cost-control approach, download Ternian’s new white paper.  Or contact usfor more information about how we can customize this approach to meet the distinct needs of your clients.

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