An Example of Critical Thinking

By Dean Jargo on Linkedin

When Americans sign up for traditional BUCAH-powered health insurance, what do most assume they’re getting? I believe the following objectives are top of the list for most folks:

1. Protection from being financially ruined by a medical event
2. Access to a vetted list of high-quality doctors and other medical specialists
3. Healthcare prices that are below what’s available to the general public

So, how’s that working?

1. Most bankruptcies in the U.S. are directly tied to medical events and most of these are folks WITH health insurance.
2. Most insurance ‘networks’ do NOT actively screen for quality (it’s take one, take them all) and,
3. The insurance-negotiated pricing is typically 40% (or much higher) than the cash rate available to the general public (see 1. above for further impacts).

Hmmm?! Are we getting what we think we’re buying? It sure doesn’t appear so. Might be time to consider another approach.