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Advanced Medical Pricing Solutions (AMPS), the pioneer in cost containment for the self-insurance industry, announced a comprehensive cost containment solutions suite that will help self-funded employers significantly control healthcare costs in 2020……………..

AMPS Launches Comprehensive Cost Containment For Self-Insured Employers Designed to Cut Facility Medical Claims by up to 70%

MyHealthGuide Source: AMPS via PRNewswire, 9/27/2019

ATLANTA — Advanced Medical Pricing Solutions (AMPS), the pioneer in cost containment for the self-insurance industry, announced a comprehensive cost containment solutions suite that will help self-funded employers significantly control healthcare costs in 2020. The company’s new All In One solutions suite encompasses both pre-care and post-care pricing approaches—offering ultimate flexibility to employers in how they contain costs for employee healthcare. The All In One solutions suite also includes expanded services to enhance member experience, with Care Navigators and new Provider Finder technology to help guide members to providers offering “fair for all” pricing.

Taking full advantage of the All In One program can reduce facility medical claims costs by up to 70%. The program includes both pre-care and post-care pricing capabilities, as well as intelligent pricing, balancing member satisfaction and savings while enhancing member experience with Advocacy and Care Navigation.

“Self-funded employers, stop-loss carriers and others who are wondering how to counter next year’s expected price hikes should know they have more options than ever for cost containment. The AMPS All In One program brings significant results, quickly,” said Gordon Larson, Vice President of Product at AMPS.

He added, “What’s more, these solutions are trackable and measurable, offering employers more visibility than ever into Plan performance and savings. The level of data available to self-funded plans is unprecedented in the industry, and certainly isn’t available with conventional healthcare insurance plans.”

AMPS has successfully piloted All In One with several employer groups throughout 2019 and will now officially unveil the new solutions suite at the 39th Annual National Educational Conference & Expo for the Self-Insurance Institute of America (SIIA) in San Francisco, Sept. 30th to Oct. 2nd.

Highlights of the All In One solutions suite follow.

Balancing Savings with Member Satisfaction: The AMPS Intelligent Pricing Engine

With 15 years reviewing medical bills and negotiating healthcare prices in every region of the country, AMPS uses its considerable knowledge base to create the industry’s most sophisticated pricing engine. As the nexus of the AMPS All In One program, this proprietary data engine synthesizes the extensive 15-year history of AMPS to generate pricing that is “fair for all” – the provider, the member and the Plan.

Importantly, prior to pricing, the AMPS physician-led medical bill review team with 25 board-certified practicing physicians on staff, review and correct medical claims for upcoding, necessity and other errors that increase claim prices.

Standing Ready to Help Employees: Proactive Member Advocacy

AMPS Member Advocates offer an unparalleled service experience to employees in a self-funded plan. Communication begins at enrollment by educating members on the changes that come with a new healthcare Plan. While the vast majority of members never receive a balance bill, those that do have the dedicated support of the member advocacy team to resolve any billing issues.

Connecting Members with Friendly Providers: Care Navigation

The AMPS Care Navigation Team guides members through the complexities of the healthcare system, facilitating access to providers offering savings via bundled pricing for planned medical procedures, as well as informing members of contracted providers and hospitals that accept AMPS reference-based pricing. AMPS proprietary Provider Finder is updated nightly with provider scoring algorithms that identify “Friendly” providers which are ranked by cost, quality, location, and prior utilization with AMPS.

Fostering Local Relationships: Provider Relations

The AMPS Provider Relations team builds relationships with local providers that give members quality care at a “fair for all” price. Both providers and employers realize benefits when partnering with AMPS—savings for the employer, and reliable, timely payment for providers.

Visibility into Plan Performance: On-Demand Data and Dashboards

The AMPS Portal offers real-time visibility into Plan performance, with noteworthy metrics about claims, easy-to-understand dashboards, messaging alerts and tailored reports via secure email. With AMPS, employers gain insight into their healthcare costs, as they do with their other business expenses.

To see the All In One solutions suite in person at SIIA, schedule a meeting with AMPS in advance by emailing

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