Amfels Changes Plan Administrator

Amfels, the second largest employer in South Texas located in Brownsville, Texas, has moved their self-funded health plan administration to Group & Pension Administrators Inc. (GPA). The move is signficant since GPA is known in the industry as one of the most progressive and agressive health plan administrators in the country, achieving significant savings for their clients by utilizing unique risk management techniques.

Another large Brownsville, Texas based employer contracted with GPA last year, moving from a local HMO plan. A recent claim study shows that claim costs on a PEPM have been cut in half.

Observers speculate that the Brownsville Independent School District will take note and apply similar strategies to reduce their +$40,000,000 employee health plan expenses.

Editor’s Note: GPA has received national publicity in the past year on their success in reigning in health care costs for their clients. The Dallas Morning News ran a front page article on GPA – ¬†Forbes picked up the story as well as other national news sources.

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