A World Without Prices

Somehow, hospitals and insurers continue to get away with only providing estimates and not actual prices for their services and procedures. This allows our healthcare system to remain rigged for their profit and to the detriment and demise of patients, families, communities, tax payers, unions, employers, and municipalities across the country.

Estimates (and not actual prices) prevent competition, conceal overcharges and inaccuracies, and allow price gouging at every turn. Especially in the healthcare system, where we rely on services and procedures for our health and our lives, this is an absolute disgrace!

It’s not even legal. A federal rule mandates that hospitals and insurers must post all of their prices (not just estimates). 100 million Americans are in medical debt, and estimates are a leading reason for that! Yes, hospitals and insurers do know their prices… and prices are now a patient’s right. We demand them. Estimates are Bull****.