Amazing What You Can Do In 10 Minutes in Deep South Texas

Courtesy Timer For New Yorkers (Not For Use In South Texas – It doesn’t Snow There)

The following is a true story:

By Molly Mulebriar

I dialed the number and almost immediately the mark answered with “I’ll call you back in ten minutes!”

For those of you in New York, ten minutes is made up of ten, New York minutes. However in deep South Texas where the call was placed ten New York minutes is often converted into more than enough time to accomplish many, many more things than New Yorkers can do in ten New York minutes.

Here’s proof. While waiting for a South Texas “I’ll call you back in ten minutes!” return phone call I accomplished 50 things. I am positive there is not a New Yorker out there that can match this feat:

1.  unloaded the dishwasher.

2.  folded one load of laundry.

3.  put away one load of folded laundry.

4.  vacuumed our main living area.

5.  picked up the mudroom.

6.  cleared off/decluttered desk.

7.  organized Bill’s grandchild’s child’s school papers.

8.  called and made an appointment.

9.  sorted through the mail.

10.  picked up the toys.

11.  made bed.

12.  wrote down friends and family member birthdays for the year in my planner.

13.  showered and got ready for the return phone call.

14. responded to several emails.

15.  responded to several blog comments (Yes, I work with Bill).

16.  wrote several thank-you notes.

17.  read a book to Bill’s grandchild.

18.  listened to Bill’s grandchild read.

19.  reorganized Bill’s grandchildren’s art supplies.

20.  prepared menu for the week.

21.  brainstormed blog post ideas for Bill.

22.   called Bill’s favorite stop loss market. (a short talk is better than no talk!)

23.  called my sister (my sister doesn’t like long conversations anyway)

24.  read scripture.

25. prayed (for Bill).

26. dusted an area of the house.

27. reorganized Bill’s wife’s  jewelry.

28.  made a shopping list for Bill’s wife.

29.  purchased needed items online. (I buy a lot of things from amazon.)

30. took pictures of basement plumbing.

31.  cleaned a few toilets (I’ll never ever do that again).

32.  decluttered Bill’s car.

33. decluttered my top desk drawer.

34. made lunch.

35. wrote a packing list for Bill (before a business trip).

36. edited a few photos (Bill’s wife should be pleased).

37. layed out Bill’s clothes for the next day.

38. packed a hunting bag.

39. did a whole-house declutter sweep for Bill’s wife.

40.  wrote another to-do list. 🙂

41. rotated the lopsided pictures in the den.

42. renewed library books online.

43. picked up the Bill’s grandkids’ bathroom (how does that get so messy?!)

44. sorted laundry again.

45.  walked three miles in combat boots while smoking two cigars.

46.  put  food in a crock pot (for dinner)

47.  swept the front porch.

48.  cleaned out inbox.

49.  unsubscribed idiots from email lists.

50.  wrote down 5 things I’m grateful for in a gratitude journal.

Just as I finished the phone went Ring A Ding Ding…………………….