Amarillo Drug Dealer Makes It Big

Amarillo Drug Dealer Earns Billions

Little did anyone imagine a drug dealer in West Texas (you can’t get there from here) would turn into a billion dollar business. It all started with a $21,000 loan from a loving mother.

Maxor began in 1926 as a single pharmacy in Amarillo, with offices in the Fisk Building — which now is the Courtyard By Marriott at the Historic Fisk downtown. The company’s name comes from founders Howard Guy Maxfield and Samuel Orr.

A young pharmacy school graduate returned to his hometown to start his career as a retail pharmacist. He got a job downtown at Maxor, a small retail pharmacy.

When he had an opportunity to buy Maxor, he didn’t have the money nor the credit so he talked his mother into co-signing a note for $21,000. He was the company’s single owner and sole employee when he bought the company in 1966.

Little did anyone imagine a drug business in West Texas (you can’t get there from here) would turn into a billion dollar business.


Maxor is a diversified pharmacy services business comprised of three primary services: outsourced pharmacy management, pharmacy benefit management, and specialty pharmacy services.

Maxor has completed three acquisitions, including a specialty pharmacy, a pharmaceutical rebate aggregator, and a PBM.

The acquisition of the rebate aggregator, Gateway Health Partners, added a key component to Maxor’s PBM capabilities, pricing, and competitive positioning.

Revenue > $1 Billion


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