Aldeen’s Sunday Morning Bathroom Read

North Carolina State Treasurer Dale Folwell (and friend) recently published the attached Price Transparency and “Markup” Analysis of North Carolina hospitals: NC hospitals are jacking up prices and lack transparency, says report | Charlotte Observer

…” Using data compiled under this federal rule by the Turquoise Health Database, the report found that North Carolina hospitals levy price markups of up to 1,120% on routine care and basic services. This markup is the difference between the most and least affordable group of hospital prices. For example, the median price of a complete blood test costs just over $58 with commercial insurance and $6.79 with Medicare Advantage, the report says. North Carolina hospitals also inflated median commercial prices by more than 700% of Medicare rates for some common services, according to the report.”
Further Financial Statistical Analysis Category:
“Crap People Use” vs. “Crap People Don’t Use”
A recent review of a facility’s financials (FY 2021) in the deep south of the US, showed the following:
CT Scan: 17,843% markup and $857,932,754 number one in charges and 20% of facility’s revenue (i.e. everybody uses this crap);
Renal Dialysis: 61% markup and <$1mm in charges and dead last and an insignificant amount of facility’s revenue (i.e. nobody uses this crap)
One of Many Conclusions:
Most of the high level of utilization services at this facility (CT/Lab/Rx/PT/OR/ER i.e. “crap that everybody uses”) with wretchedly excessive markups can be done in an ASC or elsewhere much cheaper and the “crap nobody uses” has already left the building and set up shop somewhere else. There is opportunity here.