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“The New York Times reported in June that Minneapolis-based Allina Health had an explicit policy to cancel outpatient appointments for patients with at least $4,500 in unpaid medical debt.”


To: Minnesota AG

From : Citizens of Minnesota

Re: Allina Billing/Collection practices/Charity care /Settlement Recommendations/Please stop the collection calls

Date: August 27, 2023

Dear Mr. Attorney General:

One suggestion outlined below from “Johnny in rural Minnesota” we thought would be appropriate to summarize and forward to you: Johnny is a waiter at the local Chili’s and earns $28,567 annually. He has a 1981 Ford Pinto and $432.00 in cash. He pays all of his bills in a timely fashion. He just happened to slip on the ice going to work and hurt his knee resulting in $24,754 medical bills.

“Healthcare Reparations”: Defined as every dollar misallocated between the difference in tax exemptions and eligibility of the respective individuals under the applicable charity policy care since the dawn of time forward;

“Retrospective Charity Scrub”: Defined as every co-pay/deductible/coinsurance of individuals who qualified either in whole or in part for financial assistance since the dawn of time forward;

“Community Dividend” Defined as every dollar accrued subject to the findings/recovery of the “Health Care Reparations” to be reinvested into the community for wellness plans, mental health, nutrition, and other altruistic notions that the community decides is best for them.

Any settlement between Allina and the citizens of Minnesota should include a full refund to individuals that qualified either in whole or in part for financial assistance of their deductibles, copays and/or coinsurance pursuant to a “Retrospective Charity Scrub.”

Establish a “Community Dividend” (as defined above) funded by “Health Care Reparations” as defined above as well.

Communities, by virtue of the tax exemptions, are partial equity stakeholders in their local not for profit hospitals. It is time to start acting like it.


The Citizens of the State of Minnesota

SEE ARTICLE HERE – Allina Health to end controversial billing policy after pushback (