There have been numerous lawsuits filed over the years exposing industry secrets that drive costs up for unwitting consumers. Here is another one that just cropped up……………………

“This class action challenges a scheme devised by Defendant Cigna Corporation and it subsidiaries (“CIGNA”) that misappropriates millions of dollars every year from Cigna members and employers who sponsor Cigna-administered health insurance plans that are subject to ERISA (the “ERISA” Plans”). Through this scheme, Cigna secretly inflates member and plan responsibility to pay for claims and forces these innocent parties to pay charges to its vendors……………..”

In simple terms, not all of the “discounts” are passed onto the consumer. Hiding fixed costs on the claim side of the ledger has been a common practice for years. The practice has been exposed time and again through lawsuits across the country. All encompass a common denominator – embezzlement of plan assets.