Aetna Announces New Health Plan For Texas Political Subdivisions

The Texas Health Affiliate Plan offered through collaboration between Aetna and Michigan Employee Benefits Services (MEBS), the VEBA  Trust  Administrator.

The Texas Health Affiliate Plan is a Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association, VEBA plan.  As a Trust, its members realize purchasing power to buy benefits without losing their organization’s autonomy and ability to make benefit decisions.

The VEBA offers Public Sector Employers , with at least 350 employees, a number of unique benefits, including:

  • A three-year self-insured maximum liability  contract that improves your ability to budget and provides risk protection with budget certain level funding
  • Unique Mini-Aggregate program removes risk  and overall stop loss coverage includes a no lasering guarantee
  • Both immediate and long-term savings, as well as reduced pricing volatility and tax savings, by moving from fully insured to self-insured plans
  • The ability to build protected reserves, for benefit spend, with discipline
  • Product and service stability, including the ability to retain your individual plan designs  and unique network strategies
  • Consultative data-driven solutions to help mitigate trend and improve health outcomes

Unlike many VEBA plans, the Health Affiliate Plan provides access all of these benefits without losing autonomy.  The Entity continues their own unique plan design and individualized reporting from a designated analytics professional, who can also help benchmark  with other VEBA participants. This level of data and information transparency is simply not offered by other Trusts or Pools.

In addition, the Health Affiliate Plan offers access to enhanced services, including:

  • Network discounts through Aetna’s broad national provider network
  • Disease Management programs
  • Case and Care Management programs
  • Pharmacy benefits
  • Basic term life insurance included

Summary of  the 3 year offering

  • Guaranteed cost for three years – Fixed Cost, Claim Cost and reserves.
  • Max liability protection and predictability for 3 years / budget ability
  • Elimination of Fully Insured State Mandate, Premium and HIF taxes ( Health Care Reform Taxes)
  • Flexibility of plan design within VEBA pool, while benefiting from economies of scale in pricing
  • Maintain control , flexibility & reporting


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