AAA – Solution To High Cost Ambulance Service?

How many more renewal increases, deductible adjustments, or narrow network offerings till you decide enough is enough⁉️

💰Modernizing Health Plans to Decrease Costs within the 4 Main Cost Drivers of Care: Rx, Hospital, Out Patient, & Primary Care for employers🎯)
Remember what your plan/premiums looked like 10 years ago?

Can you withstand that trend for another 10 years?

10 year report card:
📈deductibles are up 68%
📈family premiums are up 47%
📈inflation is up 19%
📈wages are up only 31%

If you aren’t taking advantage of a modernized custom plan then you are simply making it impossible for your employees to get ahead.

I’d be happy to educate anyone that’s interested I learning more about what some of the most innovative employers have been implementing.