A TPA That Definitely Thinks Out-Of-The-Box

Mutual Medical Plans Inc. has devised numerous unique cost saving strategies, often used by no one else in the market…………………….

Mutual Medical Plans, Inc. was founded in 1976 to serve self-funded health care plans with people-to-people customized service. Individuals still answer all calls to our office. Members can speak to their claim adjuster, supervisors, officers, owners and other Mutual Medical employees about issues affecting their claims or health care plan.

In addition to personal service, our mission is to help group health care plans provide the best possible benefits at the lowest possible cost. Along the way, we have devised numerous unique strategies, often used by no one else in the market, to accomplish this mission. If your health care plan is hurting financially, contact us to discuss the many ways that we can help.

There was no way I could stay in business with such a premium increase, then I found Mutual Medical. They created new solutions specifically for us. Our new plan put costs back to normal, and employees seem very happy with it. They saved our life.”