A TPA Divorce Can Be Revealing – How Many Mistresses Were There?


By William Rusteberg

Have you ever wondered if your TPA is faithful? The joint bank account you share may provide clues. Where is the money going? Who is Coco? Did you do a background check before the marriage ceremony?

Molly Mulebriar to the rescue! Mulebriar, a forensic auditor and freelance reporterette from Waring, Texas reminded us the other day that a Texas TPA, the subject of an investigative report several years ago, is back in action.  (www.mollymulebriar.org )

Using ObamaCare fear tactics, reports Mulebriar, agents for the TPA are sending out emails to all their old flames warning them that their current partner is an uncaring, disinterested and inept provider unable or unwilling to keep up with ObamaCare rules and regulations. “Honey, you married the wrong guy…..you should have never divorced me…..look at the mess your in now!”

To some, gaining business is all about destroying relationships.

“As fee based insurance consultants, it is our job to keep up with the market on behalf of our clients” Homer G. Farnsworth, M.D. said in an article in Sports Illustrated. “We strive to know who the players are, their methods of operation, who their silent partners are, and how they acquire new customers and retain old ones. That’s why we earn big bucks saving our customers from making costly, and often crippling  mistakes.”

See original story here:   http://blog.riskmanagers.us/?p=3535


Amazes me how many TPAs are crooked.  It’s why one TPA will seldom buy another….it’s almost always an outsider wanting in that buys – Former TPA owner