A “Must Have” for Health Care Disruptors

Works on Brass But Not on Walnuts

When asked recently during a question and answer period at a symposium I attended, a member of the audience asked “What do you tell employers who voice concern about some of your strategies to reign in health care costs?

By Bill Rusteberg

Without pause I responded “I tell them to grow some balls.” The audience erupted.

A young, attractive, energetic lady from Tyler, Texas came up to me later and said “That’s exactly what I say to those who don’t get it!” Wow, I thought, this pretty lady certainly has some Big Brass Balls!

As an independent health insurance consultant she has generated so much business in Tyler, Texas she’s turning prospective clients away. “Sorry, I can’t get you on my schedule until…………..”

It’s apparent her “Grow Some Balls” strategy has been effective for her. Disruptors like her should put a picture of Brasso on their business cards and email signatures as a sign of distinction. It certainly drives home a point…………………