A Modern Fairy Tale


Once upon a time, Molly Mulbrier hired a general contractor to help her build her house. The General Contractor came highly recommended with impeccable credentials. And, he was only going to charge her a flat fee of $48,000 to help her build her $40,000,000 dream home. Molly was ecstatic.

The General Contractor promised Ms. Mulebrier that he would bid out all the subcontractor jobs to get the very best deal for her. He bid out for the foundation work, electrical, plumbing, painting, dry wall, etc. on her behalf.

Finally the day came when the General Contractor laid out his bid spreadsheet for Mrs. Mulbrier and her banker. “The best overall bid package” he explained,  “will cost you $40,000,000. But, one of my subcontractors, the electrician,  has promised to give you a credit for $1 million, so your net cost is only $39,000,000. This beats all the other bids we got for you. Of course, you must pay the full $41,000,000 up front, then I will carefully monitor the money flow and make sure you get back the $1 million at some point in time”.

“Hmmmmm”, mulled Molly, “I see nothing in your contract with me that references this. Can I see your contract with the electrician?” …………….”Unfortunately Ms. Mulebrier, I cannot show you that contract because of my Confidentiality Agreement with the electrician, but just trust me, I will make sure that he lives up to his end of the bargain!” sneered the snarling  and sinister contractor.

And so the house was built.

Editor’s Note: This is a fictional fairy tale (as opposed to a true fairy tale). Any similarities with a real life scenario is purely coincidental.  Molly Mulebrier is our in-house private detective who has agreed to allow us to use her real fictional name.

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