A MEC Plan That Makes Sense for More Americans

A basic ACA compliant Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plan doesn’t do much for plan members. Rather, it is simply a strategy enabling employers to avoid certain punishing government mandates designed to force employers to the government’s will.

A basic MEC plan can be made into something better that could actually benefit plan members who can’t afford traditional status quo health insurance costing thousands of dollars a year. And it would still save sponsoring employers from some (but not all) government punishment.

How about a MEC plan providing full hospital coverage for those who qualify (most Americans will qualify), provides 24/7 access to a primary care physician providing 80-90% of one’s health care needs?


HOSPITAL SERVICES – 100% coverage. Most Americans qualify for free hospital services under IRC 501R

VIRTUAL PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN – Direct primary care provides unlimited number of visits, no co-pay or any other patient financial responsibility




PRESCRIPTION DRUGS – +400 free prescription drugs covering 90% of one’s needs delivered to your door

ACA PREVENTIVE CARE BENEFIT – 100% covereage for ACA mandated preventive care benefits, no patient financial responsibility

The cost to administer, manage, and fund the plan is $60 including distribution costs.

A MEC plan can fulfill the needs of those employees who can’t afford dependent coverage but are willing to pay for affordable coverage for provider access covering basic needs. A MEC plan fits in well with restaurants, construction firms, farming operations, trucking firms and other companies where plan participation under traditional coverage is often low.