A Better Way to Pay for Healthcare


Cash pay health plans make sense…………………………..

Asserta Health provides enabling infrastructure for “cash” health plans that deliver significant cost savings by eliminating the “value drain” associated with the typical payment process. The entire healthcare transaction is simplified, transparent, and supported by a service model that effectively frees clinical and financial resources to focus on improving the cost, quality, and efficiency of the care itself. The result is a better healthcare experience—and outcome—for the consumer, the provider and the payer.

A Better Employer Experience

By facilitating “cash” payment at the time of service, you and your employees receive the direct benefits of “cash” discounts from providers who experience less administrative hassle and avoid the cost of billing, collections, and bad debt.  Your employees and their dependents are actively engaged in health care purchasing, even beyond the extent of their personal financial responsibility.  On-line and telephonic tools give them access to real-time information and navigational assistance, giving them the support they need to become effective stewards of your resources without compromising their care or their privacy.

Your staff spends less time resolving complex claims and administrative issues, freeing resources for value-add activities that enhance the health, well-being and productivity of your workforce. And because Asserta Health can identify opportunities for care coordination and network steerage in real time, you realize more value from your investments in these programs.

A Better Provider Experience

When you become part of the Asserta Health cash network, your patients will present a healthcare purchasing card that works just like a credit card and you will receive payment in full at the time of service, regardless of who is ultimately responsible financially.  It takes you out of the middle, and eliminates eligibility risk, billing hassles, collections and bad debt.

Instead of a claim, you are simply asked to provide a clinical summary from your electronic medical record, which is something you do anyway in the course of documenting good medical care and complying with federal “meaningful use” guidelines.

Asserta Health can also work with Accountable Care Organizations to develop unique solutions for local self-funded employers, expanding the reach of care coordination programs developed for other populations.

A Better Consumer Experience

Asserta Health provides consumers with real-time tools and decision support, enabling consumers to become active and informed purchasers of health care without placing necessary care – and health – at risk.

You receive a healthcare purchasing card, which you can use to pay in full whenever you receive a covered health service at a doctor’s office, hospital, or pharmacy.  No claims, no confusing bills.

When you need to purchase expensive medications or services like an MRI or surgery, a simple phone call is all that is necessary to get the information you need to make good choices and pre-authorize the card for payment.

We make sense of even complicated health care purchases, and the help you need to get the best value for yourself and your family is never more than a phone call away.  Asserta Health ensures that your privacy and your personal health information is protected at all times.