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21 Things To Know About Balance Billing

Saturday, May 20th, 2017


Reference Based Pricing Rocks!

The following article is entitled “20 Things To Know About Balance Billing.”

We added one more.

There is only one market strategy that protects consumers against balance billing – Reference Based Pricing (RBP) plans. Traditional managed care plans provide absolutely no protection against balance billing – consumers are on their own when they get one. Not so under RBP plans.

“In 2015, a nationwide study from Consumers Union found nearly one third of privately insured Americans received an unanticipated bill when their health plan paid less than expected for medical services within the past two years.”

Consumer Union also reported 57 percent of patients who encountered balance billing from contracted physicians within the last two years paid in full because they didn’t know their rights to fight the bills.

“So many times, people just give up [in surprise billing disputes],” Elisabeth Benjamin, vice president of health initiatives with Community Service Society of New York, told NPR.

Which plan would you rather have? A traditional managed care plan with limited provider choice, ever increasing costs and balance billing liability. Or a Reference Based Pricing plan with lower cost, better benefits, unlimited choice of providers and balance billing protection? The choice has never been more clear………………..