98% Of Americans Are Clueless About The American Health Care System

By Dutch Rojas – Educating Patients, Doctors, Self-Insured Employers, Nurses, Benefits Leaders about healthcare

98% of the American population doesn’t know the following information:

1. Health systems, PBMs, and carriers want and need prices to continually increase.

2. Medicare pays health systems 3-5x more than private practice physicians for the same treatments.

3. New physicians contracting with Medicare receive significantly less than 100%.

4. As of 2010, physicians may not own hospitals.

5. The cap on residency budgets has existed since 1997.

6. Coverage is not care.

7. The vast majority of lawmakers are owned by the healthcare lobby.

8. 33 states still have CON laws that prohibit competition in healthcare.

9. Price transparency laws have been on the books for 3 years and the laws are not obeyed.

10. The difference between self-insured and fully-insured.