6 Degrees Health Discovers CASH IS KING

Cash payment claim strategies often saves more than what the plan would have otherwise paid proving providers will accept less reimbursement for cash………………..

6 Degrees Health Optimizes Healthcare with Cash Prepayment for Medical Services
MyHealthGuide Source: 6 Degrees Health, 9/18/2019

For plans operating without a network, 6 Degrees Health’s experienced negotiators strive to enhance provider access without jeopardizing cost and quality . With the new Cash PrePay option, our team works with providers to agree on an upfront cash payment for health services.

6 Degrees Health’s CEO, Scott Ray states: “In the past couple of years we have seen a shift in the provider reaction to reference based pricing. Hospitals are learning that fighting over balance bills is costly and ineffective, and many are modifying their strategy to complicate access for non-contracted plans. 6 Degrees Health’s Cash PrePay solution has proven to be an effective response to access issues, often saving the plan more than what it would have otherwise paid for a given procedure. With the addition of Cash PrePay, MediBridge has become an even more robust solution for unbundled health plans.”

6 Degrees Health understands that there is no one size fits all when it comes to healthcare. Replace your plan network with MediBridge or elevate the plans existing structure with our comprehensive add-on services. Our patient advocacy team uses MediVI data to work directly with your members, resolving everything from access issues to claim disputes.

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About 6 Degrees Health
6 Degrees Health is a cost containment company with a group of experienced healthcare professionals that believes it takes a network of industry relationships to deliver optimal health plan solutions. 6 Degrees Health is built to bring equity and fairness back into the healthcare reimbursement equation. Our cost containment efforts utilize MediVI technology, which supports our solutions with objective, transparent and defensible data. Solutions include everything from provider market analyses, reasonable value claim reports, claim negotiations, and referenced based repricing. Visit www.6degreeshealth.com.