$395 MRI in San Antonio & The Lower Rio Grande Valley – $295 CT Scans

MRI’s is a  fairly common procedure these days. Prices can range into the thousands of dollars to as low as $395 or even less these days. In San Antonio one MRI centers offers self-funded plan sponsors a global fee of $395 for any type of MRI. This fee includes with or without contrast, and the reading. Another MRI center in the Lower Rio Grande Valley offers the same pricing.

For more information on how to access this competitive pricing, contact RiskManager@RiskManagers.us
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (NMRI), or magnetic resonance tomography (MRT) is a medical imaging technique used in radiology to investigate the anatomy andfunction of the body in both health and disease. MRI scanners use strong magnetic fields and radiowaves to form images of the body. The technique is widely used in hospitals for medical diagnosis, staging of disease and for follow-up without exposure to ionizing radiation