Welcome to Global Health Management, Canada or as we refer to ourselves: GHM Canada.

We are a Canadian Healthcare company solely focused on the US market. For over 15 years we have partnered with US Health Insurance Agents in providing a number of cost containment and cost reduction strategies for their self-funded clients as well as direct to US consumers who are seeking ways to reduce the ever rising costs of health care in the USA. We strongly believe in assisting our US cousins in helping them save money in these challenging times. We view our mission as family helping family across the greatest undefended border in the World. Canada is truly blessed to have the USA as our friend and neighbour.

This website provides some backgrounder information regarding who we are and what we do. As well, we have a live search engine that you can use to conduct some price checks on products for informational purposes only – meaning this is deliberately not an e-commerce site and you cannot order online. This ensures all of our safety protocols are in place and respected. We have deliberately adopted a client centered, highly personalized, service model that results in very high client satisfaction.

If you are a health insurance broker or agent we would be pleased to provide you more information regarding our program that we deliberately designed to assist you in helping your corporate clients save money on their Employee Health Care Costs. We have created a true Win-Win program for you and your book of business. Brokers and Agents are always protected when dealing with GHM Canada.

As a courtesy, we ask that you sign in below to access more information. After review and perhaps our answering some of your questions, we encourage you to consider using our services for a 6 month trial period – the worst you can do is save money. We do NOT sell or pass on any of your information you share with us – ever.

We do hope you enjoy your visit. GHM Canada is at your service.