Tue, July 20, 2010 4:30:17 PM
Humana Dental ASO Plans – special pricing options for California
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When you partner with Humana as your plan administrator, you’ll work with a company that has more than 30 years of dental benefits experience. With Humana, you’ll get:
• A recognized service leader
• One of the largest dental PPO networks
• More than 130,000 dentist locations nationwide
• Significant in-network discounts
Plus, you’ll have direct influence in the design and benefit offerings of your dental plan.
We now offer our California brokers a premier ASO dental
plan that includes:
Savings — Your employees will benefit from our network discounts, which average 34 percent in California. Service guarantees — Humana often agrees to service standards. We’ll place a portion of the administrative fees at risk.
Network strength — Our dental PPO network is one of the largest in California, with more than 27,000 dentist locations. Nearly 99 percent of dentists who join our network stay in our network. Friendly, personal service — You and your employees can expect friendly, prompt, and accurate answers to your questions. We also can assist non-English-speaking members.
Provider recruitment — We commit to a unique recruiting campaign targeting the dentists your employees use. We encourage our members to nominate dentists through our dental referral card that can be used during open enrollment, our website, or toll-free number. Education — Your employees have access to information on the importance of regular dental care They can go to MyDentalIQ.com and take a free dental health assessment. They also can visit Humana.com to read BrushUp, an online publication that provides tips on how to maintain good dental health.
Claims processing — We audit and pay most dental claims in 14 days with 99.8 percent accuracy. We also provide detailed reports of claim payments.    
Editor’s Note: You will begin to see carriers re-positioning their offerings to self-funded platforms. Fully insured business offerings for health insurance will evaporate with MLC requirements to kick in in 2011.