MAY 2010      
      ISSUE 2   
    CLARIFYING REFORM’S IMPACT TO DENTAL BENEFITSSince the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was signed into law, those throughout the health care system, as well as the media, have been primarily focused on the near-term impact that reform will have on individual and group medical benefits. What hasn’t received as much coverage is how dental benefits will ultimately be impacted by the new reform law.

Although the impact of reform is not as great to dental as it is for medical, and there does not appear to be an immediate impact to dental coverage, it is important to note that the new reform law will indeed affect dental benefits.

There may be some confusion right now as to what provisions may or may not apply to dental benefits, so we’ve included a quick synopsis to help provide some clarity.

Which provisions do not impact dental?
Which provisions will impact dental?


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