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Stories Causing Atlas To Shrug

Friday, October 16th, 2015

Your Benefit Solution

In California taxpayers pay 75% of premium for Obamacare recipients. Families making up to $96K qualify for the handouts.

The government is not prepared for the complicated 2016 Obamacare reporting required to determine who is eligible for premium handouts. As a result the IRS is going to assess penalties against employers even if an employer does not receive the legally required warning notice.

Governmental Budgeting Prowess: When held to private standards (without the ability or print money to borrow infinitely) this Obamacare fund will only be able to pay 13% of the money it owes under the statue.

The Federal Government decided that the old system of 13,000 medical codes wasn’t enough and has commanded that all medical providers move to a new system with 68,000 so that we can have codes for repeatedly walking in lampposts and getting sucked into a jet engine.


Dumb Consumers Protected Against Evil Balance Billing

Friday, October 16th, 2015


Dumb American health care consumers need big government to protect against evil balance billing by greedy health care providers. The government of New York is doing something about it……………