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Court Case Exposes Industry Secret – Hidden Fees Within PPO “Discounts”

Friday, September 25th, 2015


“The hidden fees were listed in internal BCBSM documents under a variety of names:  provider network fees, contingency/risk fees, retiree surcharges, and—my personal favorite—other-than-group subsidy fees. Internal company emails showed that BCBSM knew customers were unaware of the markups and that the company actually trained its employees to downplay the hidden fees should customers suspect they were being gouged.”

Editor’s Note: How many lawsuits do you want to research before you decide the truth insurance companies don’t want you to know? Anheuser Busch vs Cigna, Oakland County vs BCBS, Weslaco ISD vs Aetna, and Hi-Lex Controls vs BCBS all expose how carriers often earn undisclosed fees through PPO contract arrangements.