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The Rise In Reference Base Pricing Plans

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

a1234Accountable care organizations and narrow networks are two of the options that are becoming more attractive to employers, however, many employers are looking for an even more impactful cost savings strategy.  Enter reference-based pricing plans.” –


Reference Based Pricing For TPA’s

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

magellan“In 90-days you can offer your clients a legally defensible Medicare Plus model that is scalable and will eliminate the threat of balance billing to plan sponsors and their employees.  Call or email today to learn more about Reference Based Pricing.”


Group Health Captive Through Magellan Risk – Aggressive Pricing Based On RBP

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014
Sample Group Captive

A Group Health Captive allows members to share a layer of risk with other group members.  If the group runs well, money is returned to the group members that participated in the surplus.  If it runs poorly, their paid in premium and potentially their collateral is used to pay claims.  It’s the next step of self-funding beyond traditional stop-loss programs.

Here’s what this program offers you (the writing agent):

  • Same underwriting process as traditional stop-loss programs (it’s easy to get started)
  • Aggressive pricing – underwriting is based on Reference Based Pricing
  • Hospital (Facility) charges for high cost claimants will be reduced 20-50%.
  • Better plan performance = stickier clients, more referrals
  • Offers the opportunity for the consultant to share risk with his client (additional revenue potential for “you”)
  • Higher commission potential than fully insured (and your clients will be happy to pay it due to lower overall plan costs)

This Group Health Captive offers a great story!!  It can save qualified clients a ton of money and makes you look great in their eyes.  When was the last time you offered your client something truly exciting?

Call or email today to inquire about this  program and obtain the RFP guidelines. Email Magellan 857.636.9755