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Brownsville ISD Lawsuit Alleges Insurance Purchasing Irregularities

Friday, January 24th, 2014

browns“On or about July 20, 2011, insurance agents from the community and BISD employees publicly complained to the Board about the selection of insurance vendors and the process used to select them. They voiced their concerns that the selection and awarding contracts to vendors were not handled properly and fairly….”

“District Policy CH(Local) and (Legal) require purchases or services $25,000 or more to require Board approval before a transaction may take place. Escobedo and Peña voted against conducting an investigation of the Employee Benefits Department that paid $188,000.00 to an insurance company and another payment of $78,000.00 to a local insurance agent, in order to protect the administrator(s) that violated this policy.”

Hospital Chain Said to Scheme To Inflate Bills

Friday, January 24th, 2014

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Jacqueline Meyers says she was fired by a contractor after she refused to fire emergency room doctors who admitted fewer patients. Anne McQuary for The New York Times

“While the lawsuits against H.M.A. provide a stark look at the pressure being put on doctors and hospital executives to emphasize profits over their patients, similar accusations are being raised at other hospital and medical groups as health care in the United States undergoes sweeping changes….”

Editor’s Note: This article was sent to us from a fellow Health Care Revolutionary who noted: This is huge and continues to make our case.   Emergency room admissions is the tip of the iceberg.  Hospitals overcharge – PPOs create the opacity that allows the bills to be paid unscrutinized – Health insurers and administrators pay the bills and benefit from the illusion of discounting… to the detriment of employer sponsored plans  An employers only chance to protect themselves is through a professional audit and review service and eventually elimination of the contra-value PPO Networks