Texas HB 1534

HB 1534 is due for a vote today at 1:00 pm CST. The Texas Medical Association is for it, TPA’s and self-funded employer plans are against it.


Editor’s Note: The following was received from a San Antonio physician:

Bill, Sorry, but I’m not on board on this one.  There are too many instances where TPA’s/MCO’s/Networks sell my discounts (if I give any) to others without my consent.  If I give a discount to a particular network in exchange for access to a certain number of patients, I don’t expect them to ‘sell’, lend, lease, or whatever to a smaller NW or TPA that I otherwise would not have given a discount to.  And it’s all been going on without my knowledge or consent.  It’s happening all over the place in managed care contracts and workers’ comp contracts as well.  The discount I offer to a particular NW, TPA or whomever, is between them and me, no one else, unless I consent to it.  Any other sales of this information should be disclosed to me, and if they want to do that, then I should share in the money they’re making on this.

You can pass this to your friends in the industry.  There are two sides to this stuff.