$10,000 Dental Plan

National Care Dental offers PPO plans underwritten by Met Life and Nationwide under one contract.  You will have a unique enrollment portal and network for each carrier, however a shared back office to view your book of business and commissions.  Great brand names to promote!

MetLife has 3 plans available with implants only covered under their most robust plan with the $10,000K annual maximum

Nationwide offers one plan with 3 different annual maximums with the highest at $5K; implants covered on all plans

Available in all states except:  AK, HI. ME, MN, MT, NH, SD, VT, WA

VSP Vision is offered as a stand-alone, not a rider on these plans

21% level commission paid to you directly

  Call:603-819-4145 or Email:mreyna@mycoreinsurance.com